ALIVE Sponsors Art Therapist Work with Children and the Homeless

Art Therapist Nicole Speropolous works with populations of children and organizations that provide programs for the homeless. ALIVE is happy to sponsor her with free art supplies to enhance these people’s lives through the arts. The cost of art supplies would typically come entirely from her own pocket, but hopefully she will continually seek ALIVE’s resources. We believe in what she does, and ALIVE exists to support people like her.

In speaking with her, she says her inspiration and model for her work is an organization in Massachusetts called Raw Art Works. We love hearing about how people are changing lives through the healing and empowering act of art.




4 Comments on “ALIVE Sponsors Art Therapist Work with Children and the Homeless”

  1. Dad says:

    Good stuff

  2. Scott says:

    Right on Jarret– keep up the good work!

  3. drawchange says:

    This is awesome. Keep up the great work, ALIVE!

  4. Thank you ALIVE! The work I’m doing with the homeless community is now part of the art therapy nonprofit corporation HeArtSpace Inc. Check us out on facebook:

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