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Occasionally ALIVE raises money over time to do a bigger project (which we might be doing more often), and we are happy to present drawchange Foundation of Atlanta, with brand-spankin’ new shelves for their supply storage. If you are a proponent for art programs, they are one you should know. They provide art supplies for programs, just like ALIVE does, and it’s the same organization ALIVE partnered with for the NOLA Project. They desperately needed a way to organize their growing library of art supplies they provide for free to schools and kids in underdeveloped areas. And look at the cool sign they made us! So sweet. Thanks to all who continue to support efforts like this. Know that you are making art happen for kids everywhere, and be sure to check out drawchange’s website!

Cool Projects, Sketchbooks, and Innovative Curriculum!

Hi folks! Want to see the kind of things ALIVE is supporting these days? Look no further than Lake Junaluska Day Camp, where the students experience innovative enrichment like Glow Water campfires, building their own sketchbooks, and finding new uses for recycled materials. We’re also implementing great early childhood tools like the Water Wall for fun and educational water play!


Other upcoming themes and projects include the Music Wall, using recycled materials to make a variety of sounds the students can manipulate, constructing their own instruments, and booking visiting culinary artists during Food Week, for meals from various cultures and palettes!


Please tell your friends about the wonderful things you are supporting by sponsoring ALIVE programs.




College Class Receives Help and My Sketchbook Workshop

Hi Jarrett,
I wanted to thank you again for your generous donation of art
supplies for the massage therapy program at AB Tech. Our students are
actively engaged in learning anatomy and I am always looking for
innovative ways to help them in this endeavor. One way that is both an
effective and enjoyable way to learn is through coloring the specific
muscles in an anatomy coloring book. Our department had the books but
no art supplies for our students to use with the books. Thanks to the
high quality colored pencils that you provided, our students are now
able to fully access this learning tool and this will help them be
more successful as they prepare for their national exams and become
licensed therapists in the state. The feedback around this approach
has been extremely positive. The students find being creative while
learning, engages both sides of their brain and helps them to absorb
the material better. Thanks again for all your generosity and hard
work to help make our learning environments more effective, creative
and colorful.
With Gratitude,
Michael Sitzer, Adjunct Instructor for Massage Therapy at AB Tech College

We have two events this newsletter to share with you. First was the letter from Michael at AB Tech Community College, as ALIVE helped him receive supplies his students needed that were not in his school’s budget. Next you see a montage of students I taught, in a six week sketchbook workshop, using ALIVE supplies. Among the assignments were to draw an illustration looking into your closet, designing your own toys and shoes, developing a code for the English language, and a lot more! The root of the lesson for the workshop was to break down any learned notions that all you can do in a sketchbook is doodle. I wanted to embed a knowledge of the layers of expression sketchbooks are good for; including healing from emotional wounds, reducing stress, recording life’s joys, focusing on subjects, working through ideas, the thrill of work without rules, and perhaps the most imperative, plain and simple documentation of the world.


This week I also want to recognize Suzanne and Tracy from the Michael’s on Swannanoa Road in Asheville, NC. They continue to find ways to help ALIVE with deals on art supplies.



Projects at The Be Loved House!

Thanks to Nicole Speropolous for this fabulous write-up about a project she did using ALIVE supplies, working with the homeless population at Be Loved House! Her words are as follows:
The group worked on painting a suitcase that holds all of the art that they make each week. It represents a safe place to hold the feelings that come forth in their art. The suitcase stays at the Be Loved House, unlike the backpacks they have to carry everyday. They’re expressing their emotional baggage, tucking it away in the suitcase and leaving it there.
The subject of this project was “community”, specifically what the Be Loved community means to them.┬áMany of the members of this group are actually in the transitional living program and live at the Be Loved House. The directors live there as well and they function much like a family does. The directors provide a lot of support, encouragement, and education to the people who live there as well as to the people who come through every day.
I work with this group every week. We have about 5 people who live at the house in the transitional living program who participate every week and we usually have around 3-5 participants who are living on the streets and staying in shelters. The people on the transitional living program are working on getting stable and back out on their own. The Be Loved House helps them with practical needs and gives support and guidance. The art therapy group serves as a vehicle for healing. Often without some emotional work, it’s difficult for people to sustain environmental changes such as getting a job or a home. You can see from the finished product that the group feels loved and finds faith in being part of this community.
This project was different from ones we’ve done in the past because it was a group project. Until this point, they had only created individual drawings and paintings. In this project they had to work with one another. At times they were quiet and focused and at other times they were laughing and joking. Other people came through the room and added something to the suitcase here or there. Everyone was very respectful of one another’s images, in fact, it was difficult for them to make their images touch or connect. It took seeing one or two people working on integrating the images for the rest of the group to become comfortable with it.
The reason I work with this community is because people who are on the streets or in transition have experienced trauma and can benefit from the healing power of art. When I started this group, many members said they hadn’t made art in years, not since they were children. They were excited to have the opportunity to be creative and soon were really enjoying themselves. I often strive to help them focus on strengths, positives and to experience some joy. These elements along with creating a sense of community have been proven to assist people in their recovery process by actually making changes in their brain that make them more resilient. This helps people to heal from past hurts and to be better able to cope with future challenges. The Be Loved community welcomes me every week and makes me feel like I belong. I feel honored to be working with such a kind and caring group of people.
Love People, give them art.

ALIVE Sponsors Art Therapist Work with Children and the Homeless

Art Therapist Nicole Speropolous works with populations of children and organizations that provide programs for the homeless. ALIVE is happy to sponsor her with free art supplies to enhance these people’s lives through the arts. The cost of art supplies would typically come entirely from her own pocket, but hopefully she will continually seek ALIVE’s resources. We believe in what she does, and ALIVE exists to support people like her.

In speaking with her, she says her inspiration and model for her work is an organization in Massachusetts called Raw Art Works. We love hearing about how people are changing lives through the healing and empowering act of art.



BOOGIE Set to Visit the Far East

ALIVE’s so-ugly-he’s-cute loveable mascot, Boogie, is traveling to China to learn about their culture and spread the word of the importance of art programs.